How to wean a cat from scratching and biting

The most common reasons

1 kitten bites while playing and stroking
2 pain and fear
3 redirection of aggression
4 other causes of aggression in cats

Cat bites while playing

The presence of a cat in the house is always nice! But even buying a cute kitten can be overshadowed by the fact that your pet can start biting and scratching. Which can sometimes lead to serious damage. Often little kittens do not understand how to behave correctly with their owners. So don’t blame them for being rude.

The character of the cat is formed at a young age, which means that if you do not immediately wean him from biting, you are unlikely to be able to retrain him as an adult. All cats belong to the Carnivorous family. Hence this behavior of animals.

First you need to find out about the real reasons why your pet started biting. Was it due to a change in the environment, or was it just an element of his game, or maybe it was just a manifestation of unjustified aggression?

In many cases, this is due to the maturation period, when the cat enters a new stage of Skill development, or its aggressive behavior is inherited genetically.
Try to understand some of the reasons why your cat may start behaving in a hostile manner. And learn to suppress your aggression.

Kitten bites while playing and petting

Often the kitten can start biting the owner during the game. It can be either a form of play or aggression. To understand what you are dealing with, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the pet.
If you like to play with a cat with your hand, it will definitely start biting and scratching. This is based on the fact that the kitten may think that the hand is a toy for attack.

Why does the cat bite

By playing this way, you don’t even notice it, you give your kitten a chance to prove its predatory side. Then your kitten will start to think that this is normal. You should immediately begin to wean him from bad habits. Buy toys with a long handle so that your hand is not an accessible target, or use interactive toys.

The most trivial reason why a cat attacks your hand is if he usually gets tired of you and doesn’t want to continue playing. Or if you touched a sensitive spot of your loved one, and he just wanted to report it, that he could bite you.

Interactive toys for kittens

In both cases, you can spray a jet of water to show the cat that you are dissatisfied with his behavior. Splashes should be on the top of the animal’s muzzle. This technique should remain in your pet’s memory as a kind of threat that followed his actions.
You can also pinch his nose slightly to show that you don’t like it when he bites. Using the commands “no!”, “Fu!”, in the end, this option was also well received by cats.

Many people like to play with kittens, when a pet attacks from hiding, it chases and hunts for moving limbs. But you have to consider what such a game can lead to. For many kittens, this becomes a habit if you don’t start weaning them from hunting humans in time. Such attacks in kittens may be associated with the desire for dominance. Because this instinct is always present unless you learn to suppress it. If you notice this behavior, it’s better to just give up and say “no!”, that is, stop your pet. And next time, make him think about his ego.

Toys with feathers for cats

In no case should force be used against both a small kitten and an adult animal, this is fraught with a more serious reaction of resistance and, possibly, even hostility.

Pain and fear

Another reason cats behave badly is pain. Injury, trauma, or internal illness can cause aggressive behavior in a cat. The pet should be referred to a specialist to avoid the consequences.

A frightened cat

A frightened cat can also behave in a hostile manner and bite. This is a kind of attempt at self-defense, as a result of which the pet does not even intend to harm the owner. To return the animal to its normal state, you should get rid of the source of fear and try to calm it down.

Redirecting aggression

Unfriendly behavior of a cat can be caused even by foreign odors, because a cat has a very sensitive sense of smell. The smell can be brought from the street by clothes or caused by the presence of other cats nearby. Since a cat cannot attack an invisible enemy, it can direct its aggression against the nearest object, which is often a person.
The best way to solve this problem is to find its causes and eliminate the irritants. If your pet reacts this way to other cats, block its windows. Limiting the view reduces the likelihood that you will provoke pet aggression.

To eliminate unpleasant odors from clothes and shoes, special sprays should be used that mimic the smell of cationic hormones. They will help to calm your pet and reduce his stress.

Other causes of aggression in cats

Pets may start biting due to lack of movement. In four walls, a cat, sometimes during hunting, becomes the owner. In this situation, you should offer the cat more active games. Even a coil tied to a rope does what is more important, making it a target for a new attack.
In any case, a cat should have its own space where it can relax, improve its emotional state and feel safe.

In some cases, aggressive cats just get up and leave, showing that you don’t like games. Lack of attention makes him stop biting.

Constantly raising your pet, you will certainly achieve good results.

And in conclusion, useful tips on how to prevent such behavior from the first months of a kitten’s life.

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