Is your cat an alien?

Have you ever suspected that your cat might be from another planet?

Do you sometimes wake up at night and find that your cat is standing on you and looking into your face, as if preparing to conduct some diabolical extraterrestrial experiment? When you feed your cat, does she look at you skeptically, as if saying, “My diet in the space capsule was much better than this.” If so, your cat may be from outer space.

Many people live with cats from outer space. They may not realize it for years. Then one day they see a program about aliens on TV and notice that the space aliens depicted in the photo have a striking resemblance to a pot-bellied cat riddle with moon eyes purring in their lap. Delving further, they begin to suspect that their own cat may be involved in alien abductions. They are thinking about lifting a cat off their knees, but fear that they themselves may end up flying around the galaxy on a spaceship full of cats, with an empty bag of dry food stuffed in their mouth.

How to determine that your cat is from outer space

If you suspect that your cat may be from another planet, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you sometimes wake up at night and find that your cat is fighting aliens from another dimension that no one but a cat can see?
Does your cat often imitate life in an anti-gravity environment, rolling on its back to look at you upside down, or stretching in peculiar ballet poses in your hands? Does your cat accept pretzel pretzels in strange poses that suggest she has undergone extensive training as an astronaut?
Is your cat trying to communicate with aliens by meowing at the TV, sitting on a shortwave radio, lying on a computer monitor, or in any way trying to serve as an antenna for a piece of consumer electronics?
Does your cat spend hours staring at the walls as if receiving radio messages from the mothership through drywall?
Does your cat react to the phrase “Lift me up!” ….? Does your cat react to anything in Klingon?

Does your cat meticulously push the sand in her toilet to make it look cratered like the surface of the moon?
Does it seem that your cat’s communication style with your computer is more advanced than your own? For example, is a cat sitting on a monitor and looking at it upside down or lying on the keyboard until the computer stops beeping?
Does your cat seem smarter than you sometimes, and even surpasses you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your cat could be a guest on Earth, secretly gathering intelligence to help their race in their plan to conquer human civilization and cover the earth with carpeted cottages. Whatever you do, don’t show him the way to the carpet store.

What do cats look like from outer space

Cats from outer space are very similar to ordinary cats. They have four legs, a tail, sideburns, ears that turn from side to side to catch sounds from deep space, and eyes that look at you as if they can’t believe how stupid you are. In addition, they are remarkably good at making you do things that you don’t normally do, such as getting out of bed at 3 a.m. to refresh a bowl of liver slices, or opening the back door a dozen times in less than an hour. let the cat in and out.

How to feed cats from outer space

Ничто из того, чем вы кормите свою кошку из космоса, не будет так хорошо, как то, что они ели на своей родной планете – и они будут часто напоминать вам об этом. Так что даже не пытайтесь их умилостивить.

Special tips for caring for cats from other planets

Remember that sometimes your cat gets into an alternate universe in which he will confuse you with a giant spaceship vending machine – he just needs to stand in front of it with a meow to summon plates of tuna and pieces of cheese. Depending on which corner of the galaxy your cat comes from, he may take you for a robot – the one he must constantly ride to get treats and transport.

How do cats from outer space differ from cats abducted by aliens

Finally, do not confuse cats from outer space with those abducted by aliens. Although these two types of cats are similar in many ways, cats abducted by aliens like to run madly around the house at night. Jumping over furniture and jumping over houseplants by turning them over.

Reproducing your escape from the little green men in a flying saucer.

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