How to take care of a pet cat

It’s harder than it might seem to really take care of a kitten and grow a great domestic cat out of it. Here are some of the main points that I have learned from my own experience.

When my mom rescued a one-day orphan kitten during an evening walk, little did we realize what problems we would have to face in the next few years, having grown out of him a plump, pleasant and enviably gorgeous domestic cat, which she is today.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, this article will help you understand the initial difficulties of raising a kitten, as well as help you better understand its needs in later years.

How to take care of a newborn kitten?

Most importantly: keep it warm

The biggest enemy of a newborn kitten is cold. They are very sensitive to cold, and this almost always leads to death. So don’t forget to keep it warm. In particular, if you, like me, live in a warm climate, never keep it in an air-conditioned room.


Feeding a kitten

For the first few days, the kitten should receive only water and tinted milk (of course, provided that his mother did not feed him). Feeding should be carried out with extreme caution and with infinite patience so that the baby does not choke. I strongly recommend purchasing one of the several pet feeding syringes available today for this purpose.

 In particular, I would recommend a soft silicone syringe for feeding pets, as it ensures that you will not damage its delicate gums if you have to forcefully shove the syringe into your mouth during feeding.

How a kitten grows

Keep him out of harm’s way

Kittens, as soon as they become strong enough, develop a natural curiosity to explore their surroundings, and this can potentially put them in danger. They may try to jump out of open windows, or somehow manage to lock themselves in a closet or bury themselves under a heavy blanket.

Therefore, it is extremely important that during the first few weeks you closely monitor his movements and limit his mobility when you are not around to monitor him. Of course, it is impossible to keep a kitten, but you can keep it by putting it in a box.

Any sufficiently large cardboard box made of tissue paper (which needs to be changed regularly) is enough.

How to feed a growing kitten?

It is best to feed the kitten with packaged cat food. Although very few people in India (where I live) actually do this, there is no denying that feeding your kitten packaged cat food from the start offers two benefits:

  • It provides the kitten with full nutrition, so you don’t have to worry about its diet. Thus, it is much easier than special boiling of rice and fish or milk for your pet cat.
  • The kitten will not develop a taste for human food (fish, milk, etc.), and this saves you from keeping your safe food from the growing kitten.

I’ve only fed my cat Whiskas Cat Food and she really likes these crispy pieces and they also give her great health and a really soft, thick coat. Whiskas cat food is available in various variations to offer your pet a taste change from time to time.

Toilet training

Toilet training, of course, is very important for keeping a domestic cat. The method I used for this purpose was to just rub her nose where I wanted her to do her thing, and it worked in just a few short weeks. 

Also, cats probably value cleanliness above everything else and instinctively dig the ground before freeing themselves and discard dirt to hide when they’re done. Obviously, this doesn’t work so well on a concrete floor. So what you need is a hygienic toilet tray.

Perhaps the best toilet tray available today is a self-cleaning toilet tray. But you can choose a budget option of a closed tray, the filler will not fall out of it when your cat is raking.

How to take care of an adult cat

Good cleaning

Every cat likes to brush it from time to time, but ordinary combs are completely unsuitable for this purpose, and you should buy a special pet care brush that can effectively remove loose fur from its fur and put it in order.


Cats like to cover themselves with something warm and soft or sit on it, so a light blanket will be a great addition to your cat’s accessories. There are several self-heaters on the market, but I’ve never liked the idea of my pet becoming too friendly with an electrical device and potentially prone to accidents. So I always recommend a nice old-fashioned blanket or a heat-resistant rug.

and one more thing you should know about your pet cat

And finally, here are some additional points that will help you better understand your cat:

  • Domestic cats tend to sleep a lot, especially during the day. It is ok. But still you can try to encourage him to some actions and exercises by playing with toys that he likes.
  • If your cat is a female, she may go crazy during menstruation, but such a fluctuation in mood is quite natural and there is nothing to worry about.
  • Never punish your cat. They cannot be tamed or trained with a whip.
  • Give the cat a ready supply of food, as she rarely eats enough in one sitting, but rather continues to eat small amounts throughout the day… and nights.

And last but not least

Subscribe to a good pet magazine and show your cat to a veterinarian for vaccination and regular checkups.

We wish your cat long and happy lives with you! Have fun!


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